For many children and young people, life becomes a struggle when their mother or father is afflicted by a serious physical and/or mental illness. Uncertainty, anxiety and heavy burdens have a significant impact on a person’s childhood or adolescence. This stress can last for years, and the consequences thereof can have lifelong repercussions.

Even though you may feel helpless and powerless as a parent, there are things you can do to make it easier on your child when you or your partner develop a serious physical or mental illness.

At, we can help you determine whether your child may require help and support. Your child can take the test on their own or together with you. You can also read about the experiences of other young people with sick parents on the site.

The ‘Are You Okay?’ programme is operated by Children, Young Adults & Grief (a division of the Danish National Center for Grief), and the Danish Mental Health Fund. Both organisations provide free help, support and guidance to children and young people.


TEST DIG SELV: Er du okay?TEST DIG SELV: Er du okay?